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I know Dr. Schwartz personally and have spoken with him many times about his approach to holistic, mercury safe dentistry. I agree with it and know him to be a caring, highly trained, skilled, and experienced mercury free and holistic dentist. He has had extensive post-graduate training in all aspects of general, mercury free, and holistic dentistry. This, and his whole body approach to dentistry, makes Dr. Schwartz highly qualified to safely remove and replace mercury amalgam (silver) fillings. He fully understands the important relationship of oral to overall health and his dental treatment protocol reflects that knowledge. Dr. Schwartz emphasizes highly individualized dental care for all of his patients. Given his skill and experience as a mercury free and mercury safe holistic dentist, I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a dentist for any reason; but especially for mercury safe and holistic dentistry. He is also a Charter Member of the IAMSD. When you visit him at his office please tell him where you heard about him and be sure to tell him hello from me.

Tom McGuire, DDS
Tom McGuire, DDS Mercury Free, Mercury Safe, Holistic/Biological Dentist About Tom McGuire

Dr Schwartz is an incredible person with true passion for the welfare of his patients. I was also impressed by his comprehensive knowledge of various modalities of treatments and healings. He is one of few dentist I am aware who spends as much time in updating his education in chronic diseases as much as in the dentistry.

Max Haroon
Max Haroon Author, 7 Steps to Dental Health: A Holistic Guide to a Healthy Mouth and Body 7 Steps to Dental Health